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How much did the trip cost?
Excluding flights the trip cost $5,819 for two people. That is $2,909.50 per person. The costs incurred during the trip varied widely based on location. The most beautiful lodging we stayed in was along the Tiger Leaping Gorge trail and cost $8 per night. Contrast this with a tiny room in Tokyo for $80 per night and you can see how widely our cost per day varied. My Dad and I also traveled via high speed rail from Hangzhou to Beijing and via air from Shenzhen to LiJiang, LiJiang to Hangzhou, and Beijing to Tokyo. This added considerable cost to our journey. We could have easily lived on $20 per day per person in the Tiger Leaping Gorge area whereas a budget of $60 to $80 per day per person would be necessary for Tokyo.


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